Reduce dust in
    the parlour!


    Keep feed fresh
    and nutritious!



    Helps to keep feed fresh and nutritious while reducing labour costs and waste!


    More money in your pocket...

    When using Dairymaster feeding systems a Dairymaster auger may be fitted from a feed silo to transport the feed to the individual feed bins inside the parlour. This reduces labour costs in transporting the feed giving more money in your pocket.

    Reduces dust in the parlour!

    The auger neatly passes through the feed hopper and this reduces dust in the parlour. At the touch of a switch you can restock the milking parlour feed bins and there is little physical effort required.

    Keeps feed fresh and nutritious..

    Due to its completely enclosed design the feed is distributed accurately and economically. In addition to this the auger will help to keep out moisture and aid in stock rotation ensuring the feed is fresh and nutritious.

    Helps to reduce waste feed!

    The amount of waste of expensive feeds is reduced because the augers are completely enclosed to reduce waste .

    Encourages fast loading...

    The auger stocks the feed bins which lets out a small amount of feed to encourage fast loading and the remainder of feed while milking which usually results in a more content cow.


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