See what farmers are saying...

    See what farmers have to say...

    "The quality of the equipment is
    great and the ACR's are fantastic,
    the whole package has been
    extremely labour saving
    and time efficient."

    Donal Maher

    Donal Maher

    "We can now run 500 cows with very little staff and it's all really down to the technology that is available today from Dairymaster"

    Nigel Batten

    Nigel Batten

    "It's no problem milking by yourself, With the Dairymaster plant we rarely have a set of cups get kicked off"

    Mark Dudley


    "This is a tremendous advantage for us in time savings and ease on the cows- cows are very calm and content in the holding area, chewing their cud"

    Charlie Ziegler

    Baker Brook

    Our customers...

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    Dairymaster strive to develop and maintain a close working relationship with all of our customers. We pride ourselves on offering a superior quality product and a support system which is second to none.


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    • Ireland

    • Richard-Geary-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  Richard Geary - Cork

      The Dairymaster ClusterCleanse has improved my cell counts by 50,000 to 60,000 and since installing it we are now easily reaching Grade 1 for milk quality which in turn results in better payments for my milk.

    • Donal-Maher-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  Donal Maher - Tipperary

      The time saving that the unit has offered me has allowed me to spend a lot more time with my wife and young son. The quality of the equipment is great and the ACR's are fantastic, the whole package has been extremely labour saving and time efficient.

    • Edward-Carr-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  Edward Carr - Tipperary

      I am now looking forward to milking the cows next spring, for me it was the best money I have ever spent, compared to tractors and other farm machinery it was great value for money.

    • John-Macnamara-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  John Macnamara - Limerick

      Swiftflo Bailing has totally changed my milking experience, from something that I was not going to install at the start, to now experience quick organised entry of cows into the parlour and rapid exit of each row. I would highly recommend it.                                                                                                  

    • David-Cullinane-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  David Cullinane - Cork

      Dairymaster are the best - the performance of the equipment is fantastic and Dairymaster have the best pulsation system.                                                                                                

    • Michael-Quirke-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  Michael Quirke - Kerry

      From the planning stage Dairymaster were exceptionally efficient to deal with, I received detailed drawings of the parlour which made it much easier for myself when working with the builders and on top of that the speed of installation was fantastic.

    • Brendan Kavanagh-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  Brendan Kavanagh - Wicklow

      The whole system is second to none and the back up service is exceptional. Dairymaster have the best technology with simplicity behind it - it makes the farmer's job so much easier.

    • Kevin-Devane-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  Kevin Devane - Kerry

      Equipment is stronger and more robust than a lot of what's out there and the service is fantastic and on top of all that or because of it the comfort in the parlour is top class.

    • Pat-Sullivan-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  Pat O Sullivan - Kerry

      Dairymaster were and are a pleasure to deal with in every aspect, from the planning stage to now there is always someone at the end of the phone whenever I need it.

    • Kenny-Boyes-small.jpg
      Small Irish Flag.jpg  Kenny Boyes - Armagh

      The quality of the equipment, the innovation of the automation features and the back up service is fantastic.

    • UK

    • Nigel-Batten-Small.jpg
      Small UK flag.jpg  Nigel and Jill Batten - Pembrokeshire -Wales

      We can run 500 cows with very little staff and its all really down to the technology that is available today from Dairymaster.

    • Richard-Fair-Small.jpg
      Small UK flag.jpg  Richard Fair - Brookside Farm in Cheshire

      After visiting various milking machine manufacturers factories and viewing many installations I felt the only choice to meet my requirements was a 60 point Dairymaster Swiftflo Revolver.

    • swale-Small.jpg
      Small UK flag.jpg  Joylan Farms - Lancashire

      Dairymaster have provided us with a milking system that is unequalled. It milks the cow out cleanly and comfortably. We never have to reattach a unit and we have no kicking cows.

    • Jim-parkinson-Small.jpg
      Small UK flag.jpg  Jim Parkinson - Lancashire

      When the time comes I would certainly use Dairymaster again either with an upgrade or a new plant to help keep milking time to a minimum.

    • Roger-Atkinson-Small.jpg
      Small UK flag.jpg  Roger Atkinson - Cumbria

      I chose the Swiftflo Revolver rotary parlour because of it's speed, efficiency and low labour requirement.

    • New Zealand

    • dudley-small.jpg
      New Zealand.jpg  Mark Dudley - New Zealand

      It's no problem milking by yourself, with the Dairymaster plant we rarely have a set of cups get kicked off, heifers are quiet, and we never get cups slipping".

    • Herbert-small.jpg
      New Zealand.jpg  Grant Herbert - New Zealand

      The whole package allows me to control the entire milking process on my own and still enjoy it. Every aspect from the planning to the installation phase of the project was well managed and Dairymaster are always there when I need them.

    • Knowles-small.jpg
      New Zealand.jpg  Kevin & Katrina Knowles - New Zealand

      In 2006 we installed a 50 unit Dairymaster Rotary including ACR's and AutoWasher on this property. Craig and Alice now milk 500 cows through this dairy in around 1 1/2 hours.

    • Australia

    • Harten-small.jpg
      Australia.jpg  Harten family - Mil Lel, South Australia

      Since we have installed the Dairymaster Swiftflo bailing, cows line up better and stand quieter and we are getting more milk per hour due to better row times from better cow behaviour.

    • USA

    • Baker-brook-Small.jpg
      Small Flag USA.jpg  Charlie Ziegler and Rick Stevens - Attica, NY

      It's amazing. The first time we turned it on, we just couldn't believe something so complex could be so trouble free.

    • Sean-Mallet-Small.jpg
      Small Flag USA.jpg  Natures Harmony Organic Dairy LLC - Twin Falls, Idaho, USA.

      I've already suggested to other dairymen to take a serious look at Dairymaster. The installation process and the speed of it was impressive, If I build another parlour, it will definitely be a Dairymaster parlour again.  I wouldn't do it any other way."

    • generic-Small.png
      Small Flag USA.jpg  Roman and Dwight Stoltzfoos - Pennsylvania, USA

      The Dairymaster milkers stay on and milk the cows out well. We enjoy our swing 22 and could recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy milking cows. First-calf heifers adjust well with most coming in and getting milked with no trouble at all the first time.

    • burley-Small.jpg
      Small Flag USA.jpg  Gary and Betty Burley farm - Warsaw, New York

      With a Dairymaster parlour, the job of milking cows has become a more enjoyable and simpler chore. I particularly liked the performance of the claw, no slippage or fall off, teat end and health, ease of maintenance of the system.

    • generic-Small.png
      Small Flag USA.jpg  Ed O Brien - USA

      The cows previously reluctant to enter the parlour were now entering with ease and their teat end condition improved significantly.

    • generic-Small.png
      Small Flag USA.jpg  Roy and Tim Beardslee - Troy, PA., U.S.A.,

      Tim and Roy like the no nonsense durability of the Dairymaster system and are very happy with performance.